PHP Programmer / WordPress Developer

I believe that websites are not just fancy colors , dancing text and seductive image. They are the extension of your business and thus should speak about your business.
Kevin Florenz Daus


Things I do to help you with your business.

WordPress Development

WordPress powers 40% of the web. Among the world’s top websites (14.7 %) are using WordPress CMS. WordPress has proven itself in the web market. With plethora of tools and themes at your disposal, WordPress is the best tool to start your website.

WordPress Custom Plugin Development

From landing page, lead form management up to page builders, WordPress repository has it all. But despite all that sometimes even if you have encouraged the gut out of the internet you still can’t find the plugin for your need. Sometimes what you need is a custom plugin solution and I can help you in that department.

With all the plugins available at WordPress repository site, not everything full fills your use case.
There are times where you need a custom solution to meet your business requirement.

WordPress Custom Plugin Development
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General Website Maintenance
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General Website Maintenance

Every day thousands of website breaks. It could be because of a plugin or a theme update. It could be your hosting that’s using an old PHP version or it could be because of a hacker who is trying to destroy your site. I’ve faced those issues before in my career and I’m here to help you fix your website.

Need a hand on your project?